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We promote sector cordinated research in Information Communication Technologies.


We facilitate networking and collaborations of reseach and innovation with sector players and practitioners


We provide an opportunity for innovators to showcase their innovations to all ICT stakeholders

What is NCC ?

Established in October 2010 by the Uganda Communications Commission, The National Conference on Communications (NCC) is a forum that aims to strengthen ICT based research and innovation, particularly of locally relevant solutions through discipline-specific conference series. Read More

The NCC Objectives

These are what forms the agenda at the National Conference on Communications

Promoting Research & Innovation

The NCC provides a national forum for presentation of outputs of peer reviewed research into solutions for local challenges and proposals to improve ICTs in Uganda;

Promoting Sector Collaboration

The NCC provides a platform for discussion and deliberation on local challenges, industry trends and innovations, by all stakeholders (industry, government and academia);

Building Innovation Capacity

The NCC in collaboration with sector players, facilitates networking of young professionals with senior practitioners and accredited training institutions, providing opportunity and access to information for ICT researchers and innovators in Uganda. 

Innovation, Research & Collaboration

What They Said

The NCC is an engaging forum for collaboration, networking and promotion of peer research and innovations. The NCC attracts proffessionals with diverse knowledge in ICTs

Technology is an enabler, used to provide solutions to products that are relevant and pocket friendly to consumers.

Eng. Irene Kaggwa

Uganda Communications Commission

The NCC can be harnessed to promote sector inclusive collaborations, data driven research and innovations. 

Ali Ndiwalana

Knowledge Consulting 

What we need as a sector are innovations that are focused on national and global consumption to expand the market.

Prof. Tim. X. Brown

Carnegie Mellon University – Africa

Bringing support closer, from the different experts, backgrounds and sectors will help innovators, mitigate shortfalls.

Dr. Santorino Data

CAMTech – Uganda

Those who lived through the French revolution knew it, however it is not so (apparent) for the fourth industrial revolution

Mr. V.G Somasekhar

Bharti Airtel

There is need for such platforms where experts meet and discuss. They can’t collaborate if they hardly know what is elsewhere. 

Noah Baalenssanvu

Crypto Savannah

Promoting Research & Innovations

The NCC provides a forum for for presentation of outputs of peer reviewed research into solutions for local challenges and proposals to improve ICTs in Uganda




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Togethether we thrive to promote communications’ sector research, innovation and collaboration